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Mercury conjunct Jupiter

Big talker

Kelli Fox

You are a dreamer and a teacher; a learner and an enthusiastic participant in the game of life. Your admirers are drawn to your openness, to the way that you talk big and think even bigger. Of course, this can also be something of a turnoff to some; you may go out on a date with someone new and catch them covertly rolling their eyes at you as you rhapsodize about something new in your life that you're excited about -- some big theory you've recently come up with, or something you're just beginning to learn about.

And it's true: You do have a tendency to overstate things, to exaggerate and to speak with a certain level of bravado about your own brilliant ideas. But the world is such an interesting, multifaceted place! There are so many ideas to be explored and discussed, and if you can do so with someone special and attractive, then so much the better. Just make sure that you're not talking purely to impress your date, or yourself. A conversation is so much more satisfying and interesting, after all, if it can go two ways instead of just one. If you're talking just to hear your own voice and to put your great ideas out into the world, why bother?

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