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Mercury conjunct Juno

Talking things out

Kelli Fox

Some people lose their perspective when they're in love; under the sway of such an irrational feeling as affection, they lose all sense of logic and reality, and have a hard time communicating their needs and desires. Luckily, this isn't one of your issues! You're good at communicating with a lover.

You know how to tune in on an intimate, intuitive level as well as using both your words and your ears. When it comes to someone you love, you can be a really good listener, especially when it matters. You know what you want in love, and you know how to ask for it. Getting deeply involved with someone quiet and reserved probably won't happen. Sweeping things under the rug just doesn't work for you; you need to know that your lover is there to talk when you need to, and you're more than willing to return the favor. Whether it's about the relationship itself or about some outside pressure, you need that sounding board, and you want to serve as one for your lover; that's just one of the ways you show them how much you care for them. Just make sure that you don't take it too far; sometimes, it's better to let something slide than to talk it into the dust.

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