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Mars trine Uranus

Uncharted territory

Kelli Fox

You're a very exciting lover. Your innovative mind is always dreaming up new places to go and things to do on dates, new ways to turn your sweetie on and make them feel all the thrills and shivers your own passionate soul craves. You're a true adventurer, and the more you can bring that maverick spirit into your love life, so much the better.

You can't stand routine, so a relationship that falls into a steady rhythm -- dinner, movie, chitchat, cuddling, etc., etc., night after night after night -- will really get your rebellious streak going. You need things to feel new and spontaneous, and just a little bit dangerous! You might not stick with relationships for long, as many stable affairs tend to slip into a bit of a routine; and that's one of your challenges in love: to learn to ride out moments of dullness to the next bright patch of daring enthusiasm. After all, sooner or later, someone is going to be worth slogging through the mundane reality of day-to-day life to get to those high points of the relationship. And while it's great that you're so adventurous and spontaneous, at some point you may want to strike out into another type of uncharted territory -- a steady relationship.

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