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Mars trine South Node

A balancing act

Kelli Fox

You were made for a romantic partnership, because you know instinctively how to balance your own needs and passion with those of your lover. You have a strong soul, and a strong will; lifetimes of trials have come together to make you the courageous, passionate person that you are in this life. And yet, you're still a great source of support for your sweetie.

You know how to go after what you want, in love as well as in life, while still making room for your honey and their dreams and ambitions. You'd never crowd out your lover just to pursue your own goals; that would definitely be an empty victory, for you. And at the same time, you'd never sit back for too long in order to make room for them. You won't let yourself get trampled over, and you won't walk all over someone else -- at least not on purpose. You recognize that the best relationships let both partners take the center stage from time to time; it's all about taking turns, sharing the spotlight, supporting and encouraging each other and shining as brightly as the both of you possibly can. Seek a lover who encourages this vitality in you, and then return the favor.

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