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Mars trine Saturn

Calm, focused and confident

Kelli Fox

You're very accepting in a love affair, and that's one of your gifts that you bring to a relationship. You don't expect your sweetie to be any more or less mature or stable than they are. You tend not to fall for unreliable or moody types, because you're so responsible yourself, but you're also enduring.

If you're committed to a lover, you'll do what it takes to make the relationship work, including working around their foibles, whatever they might be. For your part, you're a loyal and dedicated lover who will rarely give your honey any reason to doubt you or your commitment to the bond. You're the rock, the stabilizing influence and the source of motivation to keep things wonderful between you. You have plenty of energy, so when your relationship needs a boost, you're more than willing to take your honey out on the town for a good time. In your search for love, you're optimistic and tireless. Setbacks won't set you back for long, because as long as you have your eyes on the goal -- a long-term, stable, intimate relationship with someone special -- nothing will hold you back. Best of all, you're practical in your pursuit of love; you know that it'll happen when it happens.

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