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Mars trine Pluto

An example for those around you

Kelli Fox

You have a deep understanding of human nature, which is a great asset in your intimate relationships. You're like an in-house psychologist in your love affairs who can foresee problems almost before they occur! You can read your lover's insecurities and respond to them in a way that really helps them to heal.

You're focused on healing and self-betterment. You love offering advice based on your journey of self-enlightenment, and seeing it put to good use. You have big ideas about what it is to be human; you believe in strength, action and courage, and you teach those qualities to everyone around you by example. You can help your honey with their insecurities and hang-ups, especially sexual ones, because passion is just one of your many strengths! You have a strong and healthy sex drive, and the act is, for you, a transformative experience that brings you closer to the truth of your own soul. If your relationship needs work, you'll gladly put time and energy into making things better. And if ultimately you have to move on, you can do that too; you recognize that sometimes, personal growth means cutting your losses and pushing forward.

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