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Mars trine North Node

Give and take

Kelli Fox

You have both the grace and the assertiveness needed to make a great partner in the game of love. You know what your needs are in a relationship, and you know how to go after them and make sure they're met. But you also know how to support your honey and help them to meet their needs as well.

You're not a 'me-first' type of person. You are confident, energetic, a go-for-it type, and those are just some of the qualities that your admirers find attractive in you. But you're also supportive and encouraging to the people you love. You root for them every bit as much as you hope for your own success in life. In a love affair, you're able to maintain harmony with your sweetie because of your talent for keeping things balanced, and for keeping the relationship fresh and fun with your spontaneous, energetic nature. You can inspire your honey to push harder, to do more, to be everything that they can be, just by setting the example of your own life and ambitions. But while you're both admirable and inspiring, you're not interested in being anyone's teacher, or their follower. Equality in a relationship is important to you, and you'll work hard to maintain it.

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