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Mars trine Neptune

Your self-sacrificing nature

Kelli Fox

Your friends come to you for advice and sympathy on a regular basis, because you're a wonderful listener who intuits what your loved ones need to hear in order to feel better and live a better life. And your lovers are no different: They appreciate you for your kindness, your compassion, your willingness to jump in and lend them a hand with whatever problem they might be experiencing. And this isn't posturing on your part; you truly do have the inside line into human experience, because of your deep powers of understanding.

You understand your own deeper urges, and you know how to control them. In relationships, you're able to be temperate about your anger as well as your sexual passions, and you have an innate sense of both timing and tact when it comes to any type of strong feeling or desire. You enjoy putting your energy to use in helping other people who might not have the optimism and stamina that you have, or the opportunities; just make sure that you channel this interest into a positive arena. Getting involved with someone who has too many emotional problems and trying to 'fix' them with your love wouldn't be a good use of your energy.

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