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Mars trine Juno

Strengthening through love

Kelli Fox

A long-term partnership like love is, for you, a strengthening experience. You're already quite strong on your own, but within the comfortable haven of a relationship, you feel even freer to express yourself in a natural and vital way. For some, stable love affairs are restrictive, but though your personal freedom is very important to you, if you find the right partner -- the one who lets you be yourself, who encourages you to follow your ambitions -- you'll grow and deepen as a person even more than you would have on your own.

It does take that partner, though, who will give you the freedom and independence that you need. You also need to choose someone for the long-term who can serve back up to you whatever you bring their way. You're a passionate person, and you need passion in your life. A strong sexual bond with your sweetie is a must, as is a healthy attitude on both your parts toward the occasional argument. Steer clear of people whose tempers get the better of them on a regular basis; you need passion and energy in your life, but not excess anger. Commit to the lover who encourages you to be fully, passionately yourself.

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