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Mars square South Node

Start tackling those issues

Kelli Fox

If you think you have bad luck in love, think again. Many of your problems with creating a close, loving bond aren't the product of chance, but of your own behaviors. Take a close look at your relationships so far: Can you recognize a pattern in the kinds of arguments you've gotten into and the unpleasant ways your lovers have made you feel?

Like everyone else, you have some bitterness, some hostility, some insecurities that need to be worked through. But instead of working through these issues, you've stayed stuck in one place for quite some time now. You may not even be aware of your behavior, or of your pattern in relationships, but now's the time to recognize and own up to it. Self-awareness is the first step toward change, after all. When you feel challenged and become angry with your sweetie, it's a defense mechanism; you feel backed into a corner, so you lash out. But why do you feel so threatened? You're strong enough to take a challenge more gracefully than that, aren't you? Forging that intimate bond is going to mean some soul-searching -- and making some real changes in your attitude toward love and in the ways that you treat your lovers.

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