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Mars square Pluto

Gaining control of your urges

Kelli Fox

Intimate relationships can be problematic for you, because love is such a fickle business, full of potential frustrations; and when you're frustrated, you can be very hard to deal with. On the plus side, you're sexually compelling to your lovers. When you see what you want, you go after it, and that kind of forceful pursuit can be very sexy.

But on the minus side, when you get mad at your sweetie, you tend to resort to argumentative tactics like intimidation to get your way. Suddenly, your central concern is overpowering them -- not listening to their side of things, or trying to understand where they're coming from. Deep, competitive, angry urges well up within you from time to time, urges that you might not understand. You may slip into destructive tendencies in relationships, and not be able to stop yourself before the whole love affair is ruined beyond repair, because you feel as if you're prey to your emotions, with no control over their strength. Learning to control your more aggressive urges is one of your main challenges in life, because if you keep treating your loved ones with such anger and power plays, you'll end up pushing them away.

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