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Mars square North Node

Stuck fighting the same battles

Kelli Fox

Anger and hostility can be a real problem for you in an intimate, romantic relationship. These feelings seem to well up out of nowhere, triggered by anything coming from your honey that sounds like a challenge to your freedom of movement -- of being who you are. But what if they aren't trying to challenge you at all?

It's hard for you to distinguish which battles to fight and which to leave alone; you can become very confused in the face of this issue. Part of the problem is that, from one relationship to the next, you just don't seem to learn your lesson. You keep behaving in the same destructive ways that hurt your partner and, ultimately, you. Becoming more self-aware would really help you in creating newer, fresher relationships that aren't so circumscribed by anger and frustration; but developing that awareness is more easily said than done, plus it's just the first step. Once you're more aware of your behaviors and motivations, then you have to actually go about changing them. That can be really difficult! But rest assured -- this is one battle that's definitely worth fighting, if you want to find the love and closeness that you crave.

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  1. Veronica on April 27, 2018 at 7:26 am

    This was spot on! Also your post about North node square Pluto. I’m in a relationship with someone who has NN (and Venus) square Mars, Pluto, and Saturn. He’s 70 now and still your write ups match.

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