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Mars square Neptune

Learning to understand yourself

Kelli Fox

You have a hard time understanding your inner urges, and that can lead to confusion in your love life. Your feelings fluctuate without warning; one minute you're feeling hot and heavy toward your honey, and the next, you're as remote and detached as Alaska. Your daydreams and fantasies are always strong, though, which might lead you to prefer being alone over being intimately involved with someone.

At least when you're alone, you can follow your urges, as strange and confusing as they might get. Your sexual desires can be a particularly odd experience for you; you have a hard time bringing them out into the open and expressing them in a natural, direct way. When you fall in love and become intimate with someone, it will have to be someone who can go on this journey with you and perhaps even take the lead in getting you to open up and express yourself without reserve. Someone who is sensitive to your needs and your insecurities will be able to help you begin to trust yourself more, but if you get involved with someone who is similarly confused about their own urges, you might get pushed deeper into your feelings of discouragement.

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