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Mars square Jupiter

Pushing it over the top

Kelli Fox

Moderation isn't your strong point. Going out on a date with someone new, someone you want to impress, and ending up drinking, eating or spending too much -- or all three -- is probably a familiar scenario. The stress of dating can really trigger your more grandiose behaviors, and can lead to trouble, including relationships that end almost before they even get off the ground.

The problem is, you don't know when you're pushing things way too far or going over the top. You might think you're being smart and opinionated, when really you're arguing with a potential sweetie in a challenging, combative way that's a big turnoff; or you might think you're being charming and spirited, when really you're talking way too loud and bragging way too much. You can be very pushy, both in standing your ground during an argument, which can make your love affairs sometimes seem more like battlegrounds; and in pursuing that special someone -- which can make them want to run in the opposite direction! Learning to be less impulsive, both in your appetites and in your temper, will really help in terms of finding a lasting love that's harmonious and tender.

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