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Mars square Juno

You think it's easier to be alone

Kelli Fox

Independence is of extreme importance to you, and you might even pride yourself on your ability to be alone. You may prefer not to be in steady relationships, because you think of them as restrictive, more trouble than they're worth, and you need your freedom. You might think that you can get everything you need out of a love affair with no strings attached -- a passionate sexual connection, occasional companionship and excitement; the rest, you believe you can provide for yourself.

But if you think this way, there's a whole world that you're missing out on. Love and stability don't have to be restrictive, but it's difficult for you to experience them as comfortable, much less freeing. You might be attracted to strength, but you tend to get involved either with rigid, controlling types who react badly to your own controlling behavior, or with pushover types who let you bully them. Perhaps you've been bullied in the past, and you refuse to let that ever happen again; but whatever the reason, when you're involved with someone in a stable relationship, you start to feel itchy and react by lashing out, provoking arguments and so on. Love is rarely a smooth, comfortable experience for you.

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