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Mars sextile Uranus

Fast on your feet

Kelli Fox

You're fast on your feet, impulsive and generally exciting to be around. Your looks and the way that you carry yourself make a real impression on other people, because you've got a certain energy that's magnetic. Physically, you're strong and graceful; these qualities might make you a good dancer or athlete, or good at something else that works up a sweat as you execute all your best moves (hint, hint)!

You're definitely an exciting contender in the game of love. Your passions run strong and you're a true original in all your tastes and desires. In love, you keep your honey on their toes with all your new and different ideas for dates, lovemaking and more. You're open to their ideas and urges, too; you've got a definite taste for adventure, and you're not one to back down from a dare. That makes you a fun, spontaneous lover, but also somewhat restless. When things become stale in your love life, you know how to spice it up -- or how to call things off. You're great at handling anything that comes up except boredom; if a relationship is restrictive or passionless for too long, you're not one to stick around, twiddling your thumbs while you wait for things to change.

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