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Mars sextile South Node

Dynamic passions

Kelli Fox

You are uniquely able to balance your own needs and ambitions with those of your partner in a love affair, and that makes you a dynamic, supportive lover. You're quite a passionate person in your own right; you know what you want out of life, and you generally know the steps to take to get it. The same goes for love: You know what you need from your honey, and you won't settle for less than what's right.

You're not one to let yourself get mistreated or taken advantage of. Similarly, you're not one to walk all over your sweetie just because you can, or throw your weight around, throw tantrums or any other bad behavior in the game of love! You know when it's time to give the stage to your sweetie -- and when it's time to take back the spotlight. You're happiest in a relationship in which the two of you are pursuing your own goals in tandem. You don't necessarily have to have goals in common with your sweetie; you just have to have that drive, that vitality, in common, in order to maintain your interest in the affair and to keep you pushing forward into a shared future. You can be a great source of support for your honey, even while pursuing your own interests.

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