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Mars sextile Pluto

In command of your passions

Kelli Fox

In an argument with your sweetie, you have a distinct advantage: You know how to read them and their motivations in a deeply perceptive way, but you also know how to keep your head. You're not one to fly off the handle; you do have some intense passions, but you know how to control them. You're very interested in what makes people tick, especially your loved ones.

In a relationship, you can use your powers of perception to break down barriers between you and your sweetie. And your sexual energy runs strong, so when those walls come tumbling down, you can really wow yourself and your honey! You might be attracted to lovers with inhibitions, because secrets appeal to you, and you love to set an example as the directed, ambitious and self-transforming person that you are. You can be a real inspiration to someone who needs to take steps toward greater self-understanding, because you set the bar high by being constantly in pursuit of greater understanding of yourself. Similarly, you're not one to sit idly by in a relationship that's stagnating or going badly; you'll put your back into changing it for the better.

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