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Mars sextile North Node

Good at playing nice with others

Kelli Fox

You're assertive without being a bully; self-directed and confident without being arrogant; a natural leader, but still with the ability to cooperate and collaborate with other people. This makes you a natural for a romantic partnership, because what is an intimate relationship if not an ongoing series of negotiations with another person? You know how to assert yourself with your sweetie, but it's rare that you'll run over them like a steamroller.

You know what you want in love, and you know how to get it; but you're also willing to sit back and let your honey take the stage. In short, you prefer to be equals with your partner, rather than trying to control them all the time. You're a dynamic and energetic lover; your admirers are attracted to you for your go-for-it attitude, and you infect them with your enthusiasm. A relationship with someone who was either a bully, a pushover or just a downer probably wouldn't last long for you, because, again, you need an equal -- someone who matches you in temperament and courage. Seek a lover who can meet you on these energy levels, and you'll find a relationship built to last.

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