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Mars sextile Neptune

Your kind, sensitive nature

Kelli Fox

In love, you have a special gift of understanding that helps you meet problems with just the right kind of communication to make things better between you and your sweetie. You tune in to your lover almost effortlessly, reading their needs and desires with ease. And you know what to do about them -- how to make your honey feel satisfied, or how to avert a problem almost before it occurs.

Usually, you're able to get what you want without having to push too hard; you have the gift of suggestion -- a very benign yet effective form of manipulation! But as understanding as you are, you're not one to to be overly placating or permissive; you know when to draw the line, and where. If someone tries to take advantage of your sweet nature, you have the strength it takes to stand up and push them off. After all, you're not a sucker, or a doormat; you're a nurturer, and that's a wonderful quality to bring to your love affairs. You take good care of the people you love, and beyond that, you're an inspiration just in your personality and the way you meet the world. You love performing acts of service for the people you love, to show them how much you care for them.

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