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Mars sextile Jupiter

Seeking a mind-body connection

Kelli Fox

Your natural self-confidence is one of your greatest assets in the game of love. You have the feeling that whatever you desire, you can make it happen; and most of the time, you're exactly right. You're appealing to your admirers because of your energy, your good humor and your exuberance.

You're compelling to them, like a bright light is to a moth; they want to go bask in your glow! You'll make the best love connection with someone whom you're both physically and intellectually attracted to. If both of those components aren't in place, the relationship will probably fizzle fast, because you have both a strong sex drive and perhaps an even stronger mind. You need to exercise both regularly, and the best way to do that is to let your mind lead your body. In other words, don't get physically involved until you know you've got something to talk about when your pulse rate slows down again! If you can find this kind of partner and settle in for the long haul, you'll find that your love affair is an incredible growth experience. Any life experience that requires you to learn, to expand your mind, to stretch your boundaries, will be a positive one for you.

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