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Mars sextile Juno

Passionate in love

Kelli Fox

When you see what you want, you go for it, and that goes for love and attraction as well as your career or whatever other venue where you set goals and then work to achieve them. In love, you know just how to turn on the charm and use your natural charisma to get the object of your desires to look your way. A strong and vital sexual connection is important to you with someone you love; without it, you won't be able to sustain your interest in the relationship for long, because you associate a strong physical bond with equally strong emotional ties.

When it comes to settling down for the long haul with someone very special, it's going to take a partner who is as passionate and energetic as you are. A pushover wouldn't claim your heart, but neither would someone whose passion verges too quickly into hotheadedness and temper tantrums. You need to find someone with a definite backbone, but also plenty of kindness; someone who's passionate, but not so controlling that they can't let you express your passion as well. Independence is important to you in a love affair, so look for a partner who pursues their own ambitions as they encourage and allow you to pursue yours.

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