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Mars retrograde

Unpredictable sexual energies

Kelli Fox

Your sexual energies are erratic at best; you find it very difficult to keep up your drive and interest when your urges are so here, there, high, low and basically unpredictable. This can be a problem in love affairs, because your sweetie never quite knows what to expect when it comes to you and sex. Your best match will be with someone who can stand a little sexual moodiness, if you will; someone who's okay with the fact that your energies fluctuate.

And it can be as difficult for you to deal with as it is for your honey. Some days you just feel stifled, as if you need some kind of release or you'll go crazy! But even on these days, a nice, sweaty session in the bedroom still won't clear your soul or rejuvenate your energies; in fact, lots of times it will deplete you even further. On other days, you'll just feel tired and remote, and like you can't stand to be touched. A gentle, sensitive and caring partner will be able to roll with these changes, which is just what you need -- because someone who's overly demanding or accusatory will only make you feel worse. You can also have trouble leading the way in lovemaking, and may need that gentle lover to guide you in a tender way.

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