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Mars opposite Uranus

Major ups and downs

Kelli Fox

You're a highly passionate person -- sometimes so much so that you can cross the line and push other people away. Your love affairs tend to be fast-paced roller coaster rides of constant ups and downs, with you (and your passions, and your temper) setting the frenetic pace. When you feel pressured or restricted, you rise up with all the considerable strength inside you to blast through the challenge.

An overreaction? Lots of times, yes! Especially when you're dealing with someone you care about, and you're treating them as if they're the world's most oppressive dictator and you're the lone freedom fighter, out to throw them over. Freedom is one of your biggest concerns in love, but lobbying for it in a low-key, graceful way isn't one of your strong points. You can really create an adversarial feeling in your relationships, which isn't very conducive to love. But you just have that fighter spirit inside you, and learning to control it is one of your life's challenges. On the more positive side, your energy and your taste for the unusual (read: kinky!) can be really compelling for your lovers. You're exciting, that's for sure; with you, there's never a dull moment!

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