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Mars opposite Saturn

Don't burn your bridges

Kelli Fox

You have a hard time feeling optimistic about the state of your love life, or the future of it. You're impatient with the setbacks you've experienced and continue to experience in the dating game. Going out with someone and failing to make a real connection, for example, just annoys you; you might respond by starting an argument -- even if they're being perfectly nice to you.

You might even take a bad date as a sign that it's time to hang up your hat and stay at home alone for a while. But that's not the answer, and you're capable of great determination when you want to be; so why not apply that determination toward your goal of finding the love you yearn for? Instead of letting less-than-satisfying experiences in love make you defensive and frustrated, try to develop more patience within yourself. Every step you take, even false ones, leads you closer to that special someone you'll eventually meet and fall for. In the meantime, try not to engage in power struggles with your dates. No one likes to be put in their place, especially not by a virtual stranger. So play nice! And open yourself up to love -- someone may pleasantly surprise you when you least expect it.

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