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Mars opposite Pluto

The urge to overpower

Kelli Fox

You should focus on learning to compromise in relationships, because otherwise you'll have a hard time creating the stable, long-lasting love that you seek. You have such strong passions, both sexual and temperamental, and sometimes you feel utterly in the sway of your urges. When your honey turns you on, you become like a tidal wave of desire, one that overwhelms both of you and creates an intensely passionate experience.

But when your honey upsets you, you might lash out at them, berate them, attempt to intimidate them -- any trick or tactic that will put you in a position of power. Relationships aren't supposed to be power plays; they're supposed to be about two equals, working together toward harmony, understanding and sweetness. But you have a hard time remembering that in the heat of the moment, when all you can focus on is the urge to eviscerate your sweetie -- that special person you're supposed to be treating like the loved and cherished influence that they are in your life. Your urges to manipulate and control your honey could ultimately push them away, if you don't learn to tone it down and work with them instead of against them.

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