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Mars opposite North Node

Rebellion and stagnation

Kelli Fox

You're something of a loner, either in the way that you think about and meet the world or in a more straightforward way -- you may not have many close friends and loved ones. You're a true individual, and you may find it hard to find a lover who's of a like mind. Lots of times, in your daily life, the people around you really don't agree with the way you choose to operate in the world.

You might feel a constant sense of challenge and tension, because you know that other people are looking askance at you. They think you're just rebellious for the sake of rebellion itself; and, in fact, isn't that close to the truth? You don't like going along with the status quo; you feel a deep, inner need to push for change. But plenty of times, this urge for change isn't based on a real need for it, but on the simple need to be different and follow a separate path from everyone else. That's where the loner part comes in. In a love affair, you might keep the relationship in constant turmoil, never allowing it to settle into a comfortable routine, but at the same time, refusing to allow things to move forward along a natural path. Learning to let love progress is essential to creating the close bond you seek.

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