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Mars opposite Neptune

Seeing through the illusion

Kelli Fox

You have a hard time distinguishing illusion from reality, fantasy from the real deal. For this reason, you can get into trouble in your love affairs, if you buy into someone's line that's really just that -- a line, and nothing more. You're into the fantasy side of things; you might be happier spending a day daydreaming about love and sex than actually connecting with your honey in the flesh.

When someone new comes along, you'll buy almost anything they extend your way -- any line, any facade, because you love the illusion. Reality can be so dull! But that leaves you open to deceit, and oddly enough, vulnerable to others' suspicion. No matter how honest you are with your honey, somehow you still send the message to them that you're holding something back. You have an aloof, evasive way about you that can really spark some confusion. For someone who doesn't understand you very well, this can create real feelings of jealousy, if they think you're off doing things you're not supposed to be doing. To deal with this, you'll have to look deeply within yourself first. If you don't understand your own urges and behaviors, it's hard to understand anyone else's.

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