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Mars opposite Jupiter

Being the one on top

Kelli Fox

You're not one to back away from a challenge, and that trait can affect your love life in lots of different ways. You might actually like it when the object of your desires plays hard to get, because it's a dare for you to get aggressive -- to turn on the charm and really pull out all the stops in turning their head your way! But what if they aren't playing hard to get?

What if they're genuinely not interested, or unavailable? You might really push things too far if you keep pursuing someone romantically who keeps sending clear signals that they're not interested in starting a relationship with you. And when you are involved with somebody special, your tendency to rise up to a challenge might mean that your loving bond becomes more like a battleground, especially if you tend to read offense where none is intended. You may start lots of arguments with your sweetie, and keep them going. You tend to be domineering in relationships, preferring to be on top in whatever way applicable! It's good to be energetic and to stand up for yourself when appropriate, but it would also help your relationships to learn to let your honey take the reins from time to time.

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