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Mars opposite Juno

Stop getting into power plays

Kelli Fox

Even if long-term love is something you really, really want in your life, your other ambitions always seem to get in the way. Maybe you're the type who puts career ahead of your personal life, rarely making time to get to know someone special because you're always busy working. Or maybe it's less straightforward than that.

Deep down, your difficult experiences with love affairs have more to do with an actual fear of commitment than with simple 'bad luck' or unfortunate circumstance. Most of your romantic relationships have been intense power struggles in which you were constantly pushing for dominance. They might have been up-and-down roller coaster rides, swinging back and forth between intense passion and intense arguments. You have a hard time letting your sweetie be who they are and lead their life as they see fit, which is ironic because your fear of commitment is based on your worry that getting intimately involved with someone will mean giving up your own independence, your own goals, even your own true personality. Instead of trying to control your honey, you should try to find a lover who lets you be yourself -- and then return the favor.

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