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Mars in Virgo

Quiet passions

Kelli Fox

Anyone who tries to woo you should know that it's going to take some time. You like to make up your mind about someone slowly, rather than just jumping headfirst into things. It's certainly not that you're prudish, just that you're...discriminating.

But once you do let your hair down with someone, you'll show them a very skillful and refined lover. That attention to detail of yours? That's right, it comes out in the bedroom, to your lover's great pleasure! You love to serve, and will happily spend a long time caressing their back or their feet, stoking those fires slowly in order to build things up to a truly satisfying blaze. Now, setting is important to you; you can't stand unclean bodies or sheets or other forms of slothfulness. If your sweetie starts tossing their dirty clothes on the floor and crashing out on the couch with a bag of chips and the TV remote, that can kill your sex drive about as fast as water douses flame. You're attracted to gentility, tenderness, sincerity and cleanliness. Your lover must understand that about you and help you set the scene if they want to hang on to you for long -- or even get that far with you in the first place.

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