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Mars in Taurus

The slow and steady approach

Kelli Fox

You're perfectly willing to take things slow and steady with a lover, because you're confident and sensual enough to know that you'll most likely end up right where you want to -- in a sweet embrace with the object of your desires! That kind of confidence and perseverance comes from a lifetime of taking that slow, steady approach. You know what you want, and you can be incredibly patient as you go about getting it; and that goes for love as well as the rest of your life's goals.

When it comes to sex, you've got strong, sensual and straightforward tastes. You don't need a lot of kinkiness and fanfare to get turned on; warmth, skin-on-skin contact and genuine affection are plenty to get you going. And once you get going, you keep on going and going -- all night, if your partner is up for it. In fact, you'll rarely meet a lover who has as much stamina as you do. To heighten the mood even more, make sure that your surroundings reflect your taste for luxury. Satin sheets, candlelight, silken robes... All of these will heighten your sensual feelings and really get you in the mood. Just make sure you have a partner who appreciates the same touches!

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