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Mars in Scorpio

Off the charts!

Kelli Fox

Whew-wee! Is it getting hot in here, or is it just you? Your sexual drive and charisma are off the charts, and you draw admirers into your orbit like the gravitational pull of the sun on the planets -- inexorably.

That's right, your charms are that powerful! And you know it. You know how to use them, too; when you set your sights on a potential lover, you're driven in your pursuit of them, and it's the rare person that can resist you. In the bedroom, you're passionate and intense. You can wear your lover out and still be going strong! But remember that with all this passion comes that other kind of passion, the kind that's not so fun for either you or your honey. If you feel crossed or betrayed by a lover, for example, you might start fantasizing about how you could make the score even by hurting them back. But don't do it! Revenge fantasies are one thing, but actually lashing out against someone you care about is entirely another. You'll know you've matured when you're able to keep your passions under control. Similarly, though you may be drawn to secretive, even illicit affairs, it's always best to keep things aboveboard.

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