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Mars in Sagittarius

A fast-burning flame

Kelli Fox

You love strong, fast and hard, but you have a restless nature and your love sometimes can burn out before a relationship really has a chance to get stable. As for sex, you're more into the adventure of it than the emotional closeness, and as such, your lovemaking tends to be fun, playful and athletic, but maybe not all that romantic. And again, your passions can burn out just as quickly as they flared up in the first place.

Similarly, you don't need any romantic frills to spark up your relationship; what really gets you going runs more along the line of thrills. You may even be a bit of an exhibitionist -- all in good fun, of course! Sex in the great outdoors might be a longtime fantasy of yours, if not already a reality in your adventurous love life. If your lover wants to grab and hold your attention, they'll focus on new ways for the two of you to get it on -- new places and positions, new techniques...because the same old, same old, day after day really loses your attention fast. That's a lot of pressure on your partner, especially in a long-term affair, so it's up to you to take most of the burden for making sure that your sex life stays active and interesting.

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