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Mars in Pisces

The tender touch

Kelli Fox

You should seek a love relationship that's gentle and nurturing rather than fiery and chaotic, because your sex drive tends to be on the softer, more romantic side, and too much high energy and confusion can definitely wreak havoc on your self-confidence, not to mention your general, day-to-day energy. When you're paired up with the right person -- someone sweet, tender and romantic -- your lovemaking can be quite emotionally overwhelming, in the best way! You have quite an imagination when it comes to love and romance and you tune in intuitively to a lover's desires, but you also need a lover you trust to draw out your sensual fantasies.

When you forge that special bond of trust and tenderness with your special someone, you're as devoted as the day is long. You can be quite self-sacrificing in love, in fact, and will often act according to your sweetie's needs before you tend to your own. Again, this means that you need a giving, demonstrative lover. One whose affections ran hot and cold would quickly have you feeling confused and overwhelmed -- not in a good way, this time -- and in need of some serious affection and reassurance.

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