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Mars in Libra

In it for the romance

Kelli Fox

You're definitely happiest in a relationship. When you're alone, you might feel as if you just can't get things done or express yourself in the way you'd like; you work best when you have someone there with you, to bounce ideas off of and to help you find your direction. And everything you get out of this kind of mutually dependent relationship, you give back in spades.

In the bedroom, you're a tender, attentive lover. You're not happy unless your sweetie is satisfied, and you'll go to great lengths to make sure they feel pampered like royalty. You tend to be more about the romance of the moment than the sexual act itself, so you're big on foreplay -- including sensual massages, long gazes deep into each other's eyes, tender kisses and whispered words of affection. You can't stand a harsh touch in bed; you much prefer a lover who is as tender and refined as you are, and who leans way more toward the romantic than the crass or animalistic side of things. You love receiving pleasure almost as much as you love giving it, so seek a lover who is as indulgent as you are. And then turn off the phones and lock the doors, because you'll probably be busy for quite a while!

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