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Mars in Leo

Taking the lead

Kelli Fox

You're a dramatic and passionate lover. You like to set the tone in the bedroom, and that tone is always hot, hot, hot! You're something of a dominant lover, but you're also incredibly generous and demonstrative.

You'll cherish your sweetie for hours, as long as they give you your well-deserved props. You work really well with a somewhat naive or submissive lover, because you just adore taking the lead and showing them how it should be done. And boy, do you know how it should be done! You're passionate and yet gentle; you're ardent and yet you take your time, lingering over each sweet moment. You're very much into setting and sensual pleasures, and you like to take the time to make sure everything is in its place: the sheets are clean and sweet-smelling, the candles are lit, the music is softly playing... You're into pampering your sweetheart, and you won't say no to a little pampering yourself. Your sensuality is vital and warm, and you make a wonderful partner in the bedroom. Even a shy or insecure lover feels safe and adored under your ministrations. And when they sigh in satisfaction, this makes you feel fulfilled!

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