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Mars in Gemini

Creative fun in the bedroom

Kelli Fox

Your energy comes and goes, and that includes your sex drive. In the game of love, if you set your sights on someone special, you'll pursue them in a big way -- at least, until your interests suddenly wane, or shift over to someone new. It's not exactly that you can't make up your mind; it's that you don't have a great deal of persistence, and you're attracted to so many different types of people that if it doesn't happen with one person, you'd just as soon move on to someone else.

When you're in a long-term relationship, it might be up to your partner to keep your sex life grounded and steady. If it were left up to you, you'd make lots of love for a week or two, but then forget all about it for a while as you diverted your energies elsewhere. On the other hand, a creative and innovative lover can definitely hold your attention long-term. You like a good dose of playful fun in the bedroom, including kinky little games -- especially ones that involve talking dirty! The same old thing over and over again tends to lose interest for you, and you're not much for slow, sensuous, emotional lovemaking. You prefer it when it's fast, fun and on the surprising side.

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