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Mars in Capricorn

The slow and steady approach

Kelli Fox

You're a hard worker, ambitious to your core, determined and directed. Do your work schedule and your career goals get in the way of your love life from time to time? Probably so, because you find it hard to create balance between your personal life and your professional one when it's your professional life that really claims more of your energy and interest.

You want love in your life, to be sure; but more than that, you're driven to succeed in whatever way you've chosen for yourself. Now, on the more positive side of things, in love, you can be every bit as driven as you are in your career. When you set your sights on someone you're interested in, you're willing to take the slow, patient and steady approach to winning their heart. You're security conscious, so you'll be most attracted to loyal, dependable types -- people you know you can count on to stay true to you, and not to embarrass you in public! Once you're in a stable, committed relationship, you'll probably move things along toward marriage or another formalized commitment -- in the proper stages, of course. Do remember, though, that love and sex are supposed to be fun!

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