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Mars in Cancer

Driven by emotion

Kelli Fox

Emotions drive you, including your actions and your physical self. You need to feel an emotional connection with someone if sex is going to enter the picture; otherwise, the experience is just too empty to make it worthwhile. When you're in a stable, committed love affair, lovemaking takes on a powerful, tender and emotional flavor.

It becomes a way for you to really connect with your sweetie at a deep, intuitive level. In fact, connecting intuitively is one of your strengths. You intuit your honey's needs and desires and respond as well as you can -- sometimes, to your own detriment. There's such a thing as being a little too selfless in love, and there's also such a thing as self-martyrdom. Make sure that your protective, nurturing urges aren't just a play for someone's sympathy or dependency. But generally, this isn't your aim. You truly want to help the people you love, and as long as they're loyal in return, you'll do just about anything for them. Your sex drive may fluctuate according to your emotions, since you're so unable to separate the two; when your relationship takes a dip in this department, just trust that your passion will return as soon as your positive feelings do.

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