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Mars in Aries

The direct approach

Kelli Fox

It's safe to say that you're not generally one for a lot of foreplay -- or, more precisely, your brand of foreplay is of the heady, aggressive variety. Instead of taking the slow approach, easing yourself and your sweetie into things, you go straight for the gold. For you, sex and sensuality are like a game -- one that you really, really want to win!

And generally, the object of your desires doesn't stand a chance once you set your sights on them. You see someone you want and you move in on them, like a hunter stalking its prey. This kind of confidence is incredibly attractive to lots of people -- who can resist that kind of charisma? But when your charms fail to work -- when someone holds you off, and you don't get the release you crave -- you can get pretty ticked off about it. When it comes to sex, you would do well to take things down just a notch, at least in the beginning stages. You know the saying, 'You draw more flies with honey than with vinegar'? Well, trying to draw them by stomping your feet and demanding their presence doesn't work too well either! Take a cooler approach, and save all that passion, heat and energy for the act itself. Ooh, la la!

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