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Mars in Aquarius

Just a little bit kinky

Kelli Fox

You're a bit emotionally detached when it comes to sex. You're interested in the act itself in an open-minded, almost scientific way: You like an innovative partner who comes up with new, interesting positions to try, and you definitely like it when sex elicits brand-new bodily sensations. You're not afraid of a bit of kinkiness in the bedroom, that's for sure!

But you tend to live more in your mind than in your body, and definitely more than in your emotions. You intellectualize sex, and may talk yourself out of your baser urges if some other aspect of the relationship isn't to your liking. For this reason, an ardent, emotionally direct lover may be a good match for you, but a lover like this will definitely make you uncomfortable. You tend to shy away from intensity of almost any kind except intellectual, so a lover that demanded or elicited an intense emotional or physical response from you could make you run in the opposite direction! But you might need someone who can draw you out of your shell in this way. On the other hand, you're very independent, so while some emotional intensity could be good for you, jealousy or possessiveness definitely wouldn't.

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