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Mars conjunct Uranus

Always the iconoclast

Kelli Fox

Anyone who goes out on a date with you is in for a surprise; the only question is, what kind! You're nothing if not unexpected, in your behavior, your opinions, your tastes and so on. In fact, sometimes you take the opposing viewpoint just to be different.

On dates with someone new, this can make the wrong impression if you accidentally come across as argumentative. You're going for iconoclastic, but you like playing the devil's advocate, and sometimes you can push things too far and really get under other people's skin. Some people will be turned off by this tendency of yours, but others will find it very exciting. You just have an electric air of energy around you, as if anything could happen. And with you, it often does. Your relationships may not last long; you insist on freedom, and that put together with your tendency to provoke your sweetie can bring things to a premature end. If you do want to find a stable, lasting love, it will have to be with someone who can handle everything you dish out -- and who can keep things interesting by serving it back up to you; someone who gives you the independence you need to feel comfortable.

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