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Mars conjunct South Node

Running in circles

Kelli Fox

You have a hard time letting a love affair progress naturally toward a commitment, because somewhere deep inside yourself, you're afraid of getting in too deep. But the result of this fear is the stagnation of the relationship, and that's no fun either; so lots of times, your unconscious response is to stir things up by causing trouble -- passionate displays of jealousy, maybe, or choosing battles that really don't need to be fought. Creating all this drama can create the illusion that the relationship is going somewhere -- after all, a lot's happening, right?

Wrong. Drama is not the same as passion; turmoil is certainly not the same as progress. If you're running around in circles, you're still stuck in the same endless loop, even though you're moving. Take a look at the relationships you've been in before; if you can identify a pattern in how things progressed -- or failed to progress -- and then ultimately ended, you've got the seeds for change. And change is essential, if you want to find the love you crave. Making a lasting, loving, stable bond with someone special will require that you give up your old tricks and find a new way to relate, including commitment.

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