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Mars conjunct Saturn

Working too hard

Kelli Fox

You're incredibly hardworking, and that can be a detriment to your love life. You spend long hours at the office, or wherever it is that you do your work; you put almost all your time and energy into your career, and whatever scraps are left over you tend to put toward your home or your family. You're very duty-driven; whatever you perceive as your responsibilities trump just about everything else in life, and certainly come way before having fun or catching some R and R.

That's great for your career, your family and whoever or whatever else is benefitting from your dedicated hard work, but what about you? What about your own pleasure, and the importance of intimacy with another person? Once you decide it's time to bring love into your life, you might approach it like another project at work -- seriously, with concerted effort. That's fine for your job, because it gets results; but you might come across as stiff, sober or inhibited when you're out on a date with someone special. Try not to treat it as a job interview, or to treat them as a potential client! If you can't learn to relax and have a good time now and then, you're liable to be very frustrated on a personal level.

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