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Mars conjunct North Node

Self-assertive, sometimes to a fault

Kelli Fox

You tend to be a leader among your friends and loved ones, and on your more self-aware, enlightened days, you're also content to go with the flow in terms of what everyone else wants to do. When you're going out to a movie with your friends, for example, you'll speak up about which one you want to see -- but if everyone else wants to see something else, you'll go along mostly uncomplainingly, provided that you're feeling good and confident. Sometimes, however, you will put up a fight.

You feel powerful when you're asserting yourself, sometimes to a fault; not every battle is worth fighting, after all. With maturity and self-control, you can get better at choosing your battles carefully. You attract lovers who admire your strength and courage, so you might end up in a relationship with someone who defers to your opinions a little too often. If this happens, it might go to your head -- so don't let it! Find a sweetie who's got some backbone, because equality is essential to the smooth functioning of your personal relationships. You need to be with someone who can take it when you serve it up, but who can also serve it back and provide you with a challenge.

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  1. RAMXDXN on August 20, 2018 at 7:08 pm

    I like how u said those last few sentences

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