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Mars conjunct Juno

A vital partnership

Kelli Fox

You're very assertive in your love affairs, and you're attracted to people who are similar in that way -- who won't let you walk all over them, and won't back down from a good argument now and then. You recognize the fact that fighting, even with someone you love, is sometimes necessary to clear the air, and you appreciate a lover who is willing to do this with you -- who won't get scared that the whole relationship is going to end just because of a silly argument or debate. You're also attracted to energetic types who really go after what they want, whether that's a promotion, a client, or you.

You're happiest in an active, dynamic relationship, one that will support your energy and drive. Whatever it is you love to do -- dancing, playing competitive sports, gardening or what have you -- you love it even more if your honey is willing to jump into the fray and do it with you. You also consider sex to be a very important part of your intimate relationships, and need to find a long-term partner who matches up well with you on a physical level. You'd grow bored fast with a commitment to someone who wasn't as sexually free and energetic as you are.

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