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Jupiter unaspected

A Different Value System

Kelli Fox

At the time you were born, Jupiter, the Santa Claus of the Solar System, was not making any aspects, or astrological connections, to any of the other planets in your chart. Jupiter, the Planet of Philosophy, is all about faith, belief, ideals and spirituality. This planet governs all your biggest dreams; it can reveal your path to success and personal growth.

When Jupiter does not make any aspects to other planets in your chart, your own core values won't match up with others, or they are disconnected from the way you live the rest of your life. You develop your own belief systems very early in life, and may feel that everything you have been taught doesn't sit right with you. You may be able to inspire others with your strong faith and independent beliefs. Do be careful of Jupiterian excesses, however, because you may not know when enough is enough.

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