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Jupiter trine South Node

Teaching by example

Kelli Fox

You're not afraid of commitment, or of a relationship moving forward. Even if you've had some not-so-great experiences in love, you're philosophical enough about it not to get stuck in the past, mooning over someone you couldn't work it out with or obsessing over a problem but never figuring out how to move past it. And so, your life is about expansion, philosophy, progress.

Your best relationships are the ones that move -- and not around in circles, either! You love to learn something from your sweetie, or at least from the experience of loving them. Because you're so comfortable with progress in a relationship, you can actually be an inspiration to your honey, if they're less comfy with the prospect of moving toward a commitment than you are. You teach by gentle example, one of the best ways to get your message across. You know how to coax gently instead of pushing for what you want, and you always learn from your mistakes. Plus, your energy and optimism are just fun for your sweetie to be around; you make them want more, just by being your exuberant self. Relationships, especially long-term ones, will bring you wonderful lessons and opportunities.

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