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Jupiter trine Saturn

The joy of responsibility

Kelli Fox

You're a natural leader, both at work and in your love life. You have the confidence, the vision and the intelligence that it takes to lead others forward along a positive path, and your sweetie will look up to you for these traits, and will willingly follow wherever you lead them. You're capable of being quite disciplined when it comes to your responsibilities, including a commitment to a lover.

In short, you're very mature in relationships. You're not one to play games, or to neglect your side of the bargain just because you don't feel like being a decent person and upholding your end of the relationship at that moment. Whether you feel like it or not, you do what you say you'll do, because you've got too much integrity to go back on your word. When you fall in love, your honey will know they can rely on you through thick and thin, because you're always willing to put forth an effort, whether that means learning a new way of relating with your sweetie or simply respecting the commitment that you've made to them. For you, commitment is actually a freeing experience; your greatest growth as a human being comes through hard work and responsibility.

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